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CBD companies can reach their consumers directly without investing heavily in brick-and-mortar operations or distribution channels

anna gives retailers a low-cost way to participate in the direct-to-consumer market for CBD.


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anna.cbd provides high value for CBD brands, retailers and consumers:



For CBD suppliers and brands, anna represents a low-cost, low-risk way to sell product directly to consumers. They can augment their brand awareness, access new customers and grow with the

anna's CBD brand partners avoid the high costs of conventional retail by communicating directly with customers through anna. CBD brands can co-market and leverage their presence, with additional advertising options such as custom designed units.



Retailers can safely participate in the growing CBD market - which is set to reach $22 billion by 2022 - knowing thatanna vets each and every product supplier. Additionally, they'll enjoy the benefits of increased traffic as the grows.



anna offers consumers the education, transparency and access they deserve when it comes to purchasing CBD.

Many consumers are unsure of what CBD is, what it's uses are, associated risks, and it's legal status.anna educates through its immersive user interface, while providing detailed supply chain product information from its CBD suppliers.

This is vitally important in a market where 70+% of CBD products are adulterated or make unverified / illegal claims about their benefits.

To address this, anna holds all of its CBD suppliers to stringent criteria regarding verified compliance, responsible production and sourcing, and product tracking. Consumers can trust anna as a reliable source for high quality and fully compliant CBD products.

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